The conference takes place at the Seminar Building of the Congress Center Weimarhalle, Weimar.

Conference Schedule

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

1.30–2.00 pm
Welcome Address

Lorenz Engell & Bernhard Siegert

Panel “Media Technologies”

2.00–3.00 pm
Symbolic Material Operations: Towards the Re- Invention of Analog Code

Wolfgang Schäffner (Berlin)

3.00–4.00 pm
Media and Mathematics

Alexander R. Galloway (New York)

4.00–4.30 pm Break

4.30–5.30 pm
Reoccupations in Collecting Living Beings – from Isolating/Cultivating towards Digitizing/Synthesizing

Nicole Karafyllis & Alexander Waszynski (Braunschweig)

5.30 pm Welcome Reception

Thursday, October 24th, 2019

Panel “Cybernetics”

10.00–11.00 am
Predicting and Shaping. Rhetoric, Technologies, and Social Networks of Behavioral Design

Christina Vagt (Santa Barbara)

11.00–12.00 noon
Predicting and Explaining

Elena Esposito (Bologna)

12.00–1.30 pm Lunch Break

1.30–2.30 pm
The Invisible Hand. On the Political Theology of Cybernetic Management

Emmanuel Alloa (Fribourg)

2.30–3.00 pm

Panel “Philosophy”

3.00–4.00 pm
The Switch Image

Lorenz Engell (Weimar)

4.00–5.00 pm
Flipping Heidegger's Switches: Force, Violence and the Administration of Thinking

Adam Knowles (Drexel/Marbach)

5.00–5.30 pm Break

5.30–7.00 pm
Keynote: The Différance of a Future to Come as an Operative Bifurcation in Becoming

Bernard Stiegler (Paris)

Friday, October 25th, 2019

Panel “Culturing”

10.00–11.00 am
Recording and Reacting: Coexistence of Perceptions in Digital Media

Pauline Chasseray-Peraldi (Paris)

11.00–12.00 noon
Invading/Inviting. From Surveillance to Byzantium

Ulrich Meurer (Wien)

12.00 - 12.15 pm Break

On, Off, Between: A Modest Proposal to Add Some More Propositions to the Practical Grammar of Switching by Taking a Look at Terraforming (not only) on Mars

Michael Cuntz (Weimar)

12.15–12.45 pm

Lorenz Engell & Bernhard Siegert