October 17th-19th, 2018
Salon of former Palais Dürckheim, Cranachstraße 47, Weimar

Ontography. Procedures, Problems, Prospects Weimar Colloquium on Media Philosophy

Weimar Colloquium on Media Philosophy / WQMP-1
Internationales Kolleg für Kulturtechnikforschung und Medienphilosophie
October 17–19, 2018

In recent years, the term ‘ontography’ has been re-discovered across various disciplines, in a number of contexts ranging from geography to literature, phenomenology to object-oriented ontology, and media philosophy. Denominating various forms of recording of and access to ontic reality without the mediation by language or consciousness, the term encompasses different kinds of medial processes and operations of tracing and registering the Real. This workshop seeks to explore and elaborate the possibilities the concept of ‘ontography’ allows for in terms of re-thinking media, the human, reality and their relation to one another.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Welcome and introduction

Lorenz Engell

Section I: Locales

Out for a Walk

Jane Bennett (Baltimore)
Response: Lorenz Engell

15.00–15.30 Coffee break

Motley Archives. On Ontographic Gaps, Holes, and Other Desiderata

Jörg Paulus (Weimar)
Response: Michael Stadler

Ontography as the Study of Locally Organized Ontologies

Michael Lynch (Ithaca)
Response: Till A. Heilmann

19.00 Joint dinner

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Section II: Graphics

Write, neverendingly. Ontography in Merleau-Ponty

Sébastien Blanc (Lyon)
Response: Christiane Voss

Ontography and Diagrammatology

Daniela Wentz (Lüneburg)
Response: Gabriele Gramelsberger

12.15–13.30 Lunch break

Section III: Aesthetics

Re-Drawing the Lines of Reality. The Ontography of Reversible Gestalts

Michael Stadler (Wien)
Response: Daniela Wentz

14.45–15.45 The Ontovisual Power of MacGuffins

Christiane Voss (Weimar)
Response: Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky

15.45–16.15 Coffee break

The Technoromanticism of Ontography. Using Computer-Aided Design for Direct Access to Things, but Possible Ones

Gabriele Gramelsberger (Aachen)
Response: Jane Bennett

Film screening at Lichthaus Kino 'Otto e mezzo' (Federico Fellini, I/F 1963, OV with English subtitles)

Introduction by Lorenz Engell. Wine and cheese after the screening.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Section IV: Media

Switching on Television. A Basic Ontographic Operation

Lorenz Engell (Weimar)
Response: Michael Lynch

Ontography and Digital Imaging

Till A. Heilmann (Bonn)
Response: Jörg Paulus

12.15–12.45 Coffee break

The Problem of Ontology and the Media. Against a Functionalist Solution, in Support of a Process-Oriented Problematization

Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky (Bochum)
Response: Sébastien Blanc

Closing Remarks

Lorenz Engell