19 Uhr
Salon des ehem. Palais Dürckheim, Cranachstraße 47, Weimar

Aesthetics and Technique of the Event. Towards an Operational Ontology of Life Vortrag von Vittoria Borsò

The event occurs within the lecture series "Medienanthropologie" of the KOMA (Kompetenzzentrum Medienanthropologie). For further information click here.

The philosophy of the event has been in many case related to a negative aesthetic and media theory (i.e. Dieter Mersch). In contrast, a genealogical reading of Nietzsche's and Heidegger's opening to the immanence (Deleuze) gives rise to an interpretion of the event within the framework of an operational ontology. In addition, Lyotard's aesthetics of the event clames a weak sujectivity in favor of a deep sensitiveness and of a strong nexus between the occourrence of event and media techniques. My paper puts at stake this reading of the aesthetis of the event which allows to go beyond the humanistic mode of art creativity not only in the framework of contemporary philosophy of life as well of technique and media studies, but also with respect to the history of art and literature.