18 Uhr
Lichthaus-Kino, Am Kirschberg 4, Weimar

A Mechanical Virtuoso Performer. Film Projection in White Cube and Black Box Vortrag von Volker Pantenburg (anschließende Performance von Sandra Gibson und Luis Recoder)

Today, the term “Moving images” designates a vertiginous variety of different forms and practices. It covers analog film in different manifestations between 8 and 70mm, a plethora of electronic video technologies from reel-based early formats via U-Matic to BETA, and, since at least 20 to 25 years, digital files of different resolution, different modes of compression, different forms of circulation.

What could the function of the museum and the gallery, but also cinema be in a time when the notion of perpetual movement, and its corollaries of variability, flexibility, change, have become the default mode of existence and permeate our lives so recklessly? I will think about this question by focusing on one particular component of the film/cinema/museum complex, namely the analog film projector. New York based artists and filmmakers Sandra Gibson and Luis have turned the film projector into the protagonist of their work. My presentation will be followed by a projection performance of them.