Jane Feuer Ehem. Senior Fellow

Jane Feuer
August - Dezember 2015


Jane Feuer was a widely acclaimed film and television scholar and has been Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh since 2000. Having studied English at Indiana University and the University of Iowa, Feuer gained her doctoral degree in 1978 with a dissertation on the subject “The Hollywood Musical: The Aesthetics of Spectator Involvement in an Entertainment Form”. From 1978 to 1981, Feuer was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication at University of Evansville before moving to University of Pittsburgh, where she was appointed Full Professor in 2000, both by the Department of English as well as the Department of Communication and Rhetoric. In 2009, Feuer was awarded the Fulbright German Distinguished Chair in American Studies at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany, for a period of one year.
Feuer has been a founding board member of Console-ing Passions: Television, Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism since 1992, a working group which organises annual conferences on media issues with a special emphasis on gender and sexuality and which consists, among others, of prospective IKKM fellow Lynn Spigel. Apart from that, Feuer served as an editorial board member of an Israeli book series entitled Assaph Kolnoa: Studies in Cinema and Television (since 1999) as well as the Journal of E-Media Studies and the Critical Studies in Television (both since 2006).

Fields of research

Modern critical practice; film melodrama; theories of popular culture; genre and film and reception theories.



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