Junior Fellow Program Theory and History of Cinematographic Objects (2010–2012)

At the beginning of 2010, the IKKM was expanded to include a Research Fellow and a Junior Fellow Program. Both programs were financed by the “ProExzellenz” program of the state of Thuringia. The Junior Fellow program was devoted to “Theory and History of Cinematographic Objects”. Within the framework of the first phase of the center’s work program, it thus tied into the broad “things” work area: both giving the latter greater precision and deepening our understanding of it. This was done with the intention of comprehending things no longer chiefly in their relation to people, but rather to media and, specifically here, to the medium of film as an example.

“What becomes of things on film?” Stanley Cavell asked in 1978 in a short text. The Junior Fellow Program intensively analyzed the problematic of things and filmic medium addressed in this question, using a strategically focused and thematically condensed domain of investigation. The detailed specific research projects were always related to the field as a whole and developed as paradigmatic studies. They were decidedly tailored to film studies and, more precisely, to the philosophy of film. On the other hand, however, by virtue of their integration into the broader framework of research, they were influenced and shaped by media studies and “Kulturwissenschaften”.

Six young scholars worked on their dissertations within the framework of the Junior Fellow Program. The group also included a post-doctoral scholar (Research Fellow). The program was directed by Junior Professor Dr. Volker Pantenburg, as one of, at the time, two IKKM junior directors.


Members of the Research Fellow Program and their Projects

Marius Böttcher

Construction sites in DEFA-film

Dennis Göttel

History and theory of the screen in cinema.

Friederike Horstmann

Manierismus im italienischen Kino.
Zu Filmen von Michelangelo Antonioni, Bernardo Bertolucci und Pier Paolo Pasolini

Jan Philip Müller

Audiovision and synchronisation. Seeing, hearing and simultaneity in the sound film

Linda Waack

Banality Bites. Politics and Poetics of Amateur-Film.

Regina Wuzella

Bewegung, Teilhabe, Handlungsmacht.
Sichtbarkeit als emanzipatorischer Modus für die filmische Landschafts-Ansicht

Maeve Connolly

TV Museum: Contemporary Art and the Age of Television