Ute Holl Former Senior Fellow

Ute Holl
October 2017 - January 2018


Ute Holl has studied philosophy and New German Literature in Freiburg /Breisgau and Rome, was an independent filmmaker and comissioning editor at NDR Hamburg, and wrote her dissertation on the epistemology of experimental and anthropoplogical filmmaking and its genealogy in psychophysiological laboratories of the 19th century: "Cybernetics and Cinema". A researcher and teacher in Weimar, Berlin and Köln (KHM), she has since 2009 established the chair of media aesthetics at Basel University.

Dated from 2018

Fields of research

History and Theory of Perception in Technical Surroundings
Epistemology and History of Knowledge
History of Audiovisual Media
Mediahistories of Acoustics and Electrocoustics (Radiophonics)
Experimental and Ethnographic Cinema
Iranian Cinema

IKKM Research Project

Radiophonic Cultures

Radiophonic cultures refer to cultural techniques and practices of composing and making music with technical means stemming from the history and techniques linked to broadcasting. During my stay I will, on the one hand, work on the catalogues for an exhibition which our SNF -funded research project will curate for several international museums in 2018/19. Research here concerns historical and recent radio related sources in different archives and collections. Further, I will focus on my studies on the history, aesthetics and political ramifications of sound studios.

Recent publications

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