Sebastian Lederle Former Research Fellow

Sebastian Lederle
November - January 2020


Sebastian Lederle finished his doctorate 2016 with a work on Hans Blumenberg’s phenomenological anthropology and metapherology. He was a post-doc-researcher at the FWF-project „Die Rückkehr der Religion als Herausforderung für das Denken“ (I 2785) at the Department of Philosophie at University of Vienna until 2019 and visiting professor at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach/Main during wintersemester 2018/19. He also works as a filmmaker (neopataphysic satires).

Dated from 2020

Fields of Research

Phenomenology (Husserl, Fink, Patocka, Merleau-Ponty), Anthropology (Plessner, Blumenberg), Pragmatism (Dewey, Rorty, Brandom), Theories of aesthetic experience, Film philosophy (Cavell, Deleuze, Mulhall).

IKKM Research Project

Precrious visibilities. The world of a film in postcinematic media theories

The project is located at the intersection of film philosophy and critical theory. It focuses on the following two questions: What does it mean to speak of a cinematic world and the important role visibility plays in it in the age of post cinema? How do changes in the conception of cinematic worlds relate to life and expierence in late modern societies? The notion linking both questions is an interferential account of precartiy understood as a general, indispensable state of amibuity and uncertainty ruling all individual and collective self reflection and self determination on the one side and also characterising one important operating mode of cinematic worldmaking on the other side. If emphasis lies on the making of cinematic world, one should not forget, that this only makes a difference as long as world itself is not reduced to an cinematic effect. Media awareness and reflectivity should not only be thought of as an internal process of self differenciation in regard to the framing of perception and reflection different formats and types of media inherently set up. This framing is also part of a world to which it is immanent as well to be transparent/disenclosing and concealing at the same time. Media or cinematic immanence therefore works both ways: It’s a world, which cannot be perceived and reflected upon outside of its medial forms of presentation and representation. But since worldliness means to be resistent to and withdrawing from being a parameter of construction, precarity must be seen as a condition of the world and society people live in.

Selected Publications

Edited Books:

Lisa Gotto/Sebastian Lederle (Eds.): Hollywood in Zeiten des Post Cinema. Transcript: Bielefeld 2020.


„Pflicht und Kür einer Theorie des Mythos.”, in: JLTonline (22.04.2018).
„Immersion und Illusion. Anmerkungen zu einer begrifflichen Konstellation”, in: Navigationen 2019/1. Immersion. Grenzen und Metaphorik des digitalen Subjekts. Thiemo Breyer/Dawid Kasprowicz (Eds.)