Patricia Pisters Former Senior Fellow

Patricia Pisters
January – June 2010


Patricia Pisters is professor of Film Studies at the department of Media Studies and coordinator of the bachelor and master training programmes of this department. She studied English, French and Film Studies in Nijmegen, Paris and Amsterdam. In 1993, she started to work as guest lecturer at the department of Film and Television Studies at the University of Amsterdam. In 1998, she defended her PhD thesis From Eye to Brain on the philosophical work of Gilles Deleuze and its significance for film theory. She has been a contributing editor to film magazine Skrien, a collaborator of the International Film Festival Rotterdam and advisor to the Dutch Fund for Cultural Broadcast Productions. She is member of the advisory board of DDG (Dutch Directors Guild). Within the research institute ASCA (Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis), Patricia Pisters participates in the research projects Transnational Mediaand The Rhizotorium.

Dated from 2010

Fields of research

Das Wesen der Wahrnehmung, die Ontologie des Bildes und die Vorstellung des »Gehirns als Kinoleinwand«; Multikulturalismus, Interkulturalität und die Medien, hauptsächlich im Hinblick auf das nordafrikanische Kino und die arabischen Medien.