Kathryn Yusoff Senior Fellow

Kathryn Yusoff
November 2019 - February 2020


Kathryn Yusoff is Professor of Inhuman Geography at Queen Mary University of London. She works on questions of subjectivity and materiality in the context of dynamic earth events, and is informed by geophilosophy, black feminist theory, earth sciences and aesthetics. She has recently completed a book entitled, A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None (University of Minnesota Press, 2018) that addresses the raciality of matter in the geologic grammars of the Anthropocene. Currently, she is finishing another book on “Geologic Life” about the politics of nonlife and historical geologies of race. She sees the role of geography as an interdisciplinary space for elucidating on the connections between social and geologic relations, and for understanding what the earth as praxis. She has published widely in Social Text, Theory, Culture and Society, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Space and Culture, Cultural Geographies, PhiloSOPHIA, Science and Culture, Radical Philosophy, as well as regular contributions to arts publications and online platforms. Recent edited collections include a co-edited (with Nigel Clark) issue of Theory Culture and Society on “Geosocial Formations in the Anthropocene” and on “Indeterminate Bodies” for Body & Society, and on “Geoengineering” for Environment and Planning A.
Dated from 2020

Fields of Research

Earth Sciences & Theory; Anthropocene; Geophilosophy; Aesthetics; Materiality; Race.

IKKM Research Project

Geologies of Race

Geology is a discipline that explains the Earth through the codification of matter and time. It is world-making and future building. The conventions of geology, including surveying, identifying, classifying and valuing materiality, established and perpetuated colonial cartographies. Bodies, personhood and relation are caught up in the ontological wake of this violent geology. In the context of the Anthropocene, Geologies of Race seeks to speculatively engage with a future beyond extraction and inundation.



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