February 1st, 2017
Salon of former Palais Dürckheim, Cranachstraße 47, Weimar

Polyphonies in Space - Diving into Time Pointillismus Lecture by Silvia Fômina and Thomas Schneider

As is known, speed designates not a phenomenon, but a relation between phenomena. It concerns the physical relativity of wave trains whose speed is constitutive for matter - and thus also for our perception. If we deal with the processes in the interior of sound, if we enter, so to speak, the world of micro-time, the detailed fragmentation and the computer-generated speed of the audible change what we hear. In this way, everything that brings us closer to the inner of a sounding object is certainly a figure of the acceleration in which the exchange processes precipitate and overlap. A new speed is always associated with a new inertia. Therefore, it also means that, in a way, we decide what we hear and that the reality of the sound object remains forever inaccessible to us. Therefore, reality is only accessible via the speed of the living. There is a dramaturgy that sets a limit to the high-speed.

Audition of : Atmosphères (1960); Continuum (1968); von G. Ligeti. Expulsion. Disaggregation. Dispersion (1991); Permanenza (1995); Exodos (2016) von S. Fômina