Die neue Ausgabe der Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung, 10/1 (2019), ist erschienen.

In recent years, the term »ontography« has been re-discovered across various disciplines, in a number of contexts ranging from geography to literature, phenomenology to object-oriented ontology, and media philosophy. Denominating various forms of recording of and access to ontic reality without the mediation by language or consciousness, the term encompasses different kinds of medial processes and operations of tracing and registering the Real. So, ontography is at the same time a concept, a procedure and a way of existence. Of the many operations that set up and maintain existence and call things into being, ontography centers on graphic operations, more precisely: the cultural techniques of designing, drawing, sketching and recording, of writing, of listing, of diagrammatics, and other techno-aesthetic graphics such as photography, cinematography, radiography. In contrast to other techniques, ontography has a special proximity to utensils and instruments, to the techniques and technologies of drawing and registering, to the tools of painting and writing ranging from the stick in the sand to high-tech imaging tools.

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