Mentoring Talks

We invite European master’s students, Ph.D. students and post-graduates to consult with one of the IKKM Senior Fellows currently residing in Weimar. Accepted applicants can meet with the fellow of their choice for a single extensive talk about the ongoing academic work concerning their theses and dissertations. Participation in the programme requires a brief written application. Based on this application, the IKKM and the addressed fellow will then select pertinent proposals. The IKKM covers accommodation for a one night’s stay in Weimar and travel expenses (up to EUR 250) during the active programme periods from April through July and from October through February.

Please submit the following documents in one PDF file:

  • a short academic CV (1-2 pages)
  • a description of the research project (1-2 pages)
  • an explanation of the relevance of the fellow’s research and the own research project.

    All documents should be either in the native language of the fellow or in English. Inquiries will be accepted from April through June and October through January.

Applications can be submitted electronically via:
christoph.eggersgluess (at)