Workshop: Generative Images: Biology, History, Media
November 20/21, 2019

Within – but also outside – Western culture, ways of conceptualizing the creation of images have repeatedly overlapped with those used for framing the generation of human life and the body. Discourses on duplication, splitting, and reproduction, and on uniqueness and substitution have been particularly instrumental in shaping both scientific thinking and art theoretical reflections. Bringing together historians of science and art as well as film and media scholars, this workshop explores such crossings and convergences with reference to the early modern and contemporary periods.

Interested participants are cordially invited. Please register at ikkm-conference@uni-weimar.de.
Venue: IKKM, in the former Palais Dürckheim, Cranachstr. 47, 99421 Weimar, Salon (ground floor)


Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

15:00 - 15:20

Bernhardt Siegert, Antonia Lant, Stefano de Bosio

I. From One to Two

Splitting Bodies, Unfolding Masks. Art and Ontology of the American Northwest Coast

Bernard Siegert (Weimar)

16:10–16:40 break

The Ferryman and the Possessed. Remarks on a Double History by Vittore Carpaccio

Stefan Neuner (Berlin)

18:30–19:00 break

Human Development: A History of Serial Images

Nick Hopwood (Cambridge)

21:00 dinner

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

II. Generation/Reproduction

Generating Images: Elements for a Metaphorology of Printmaking in Early-Modern Europe and the Rise of the Concept of Reproduction

Stefano De Bosio (Berlin)

09:50–10:00 break

Techniques of Reproduction in Feminist Art of the 1970s

Antonia Lant (New York)

10:50–11.00 break


led by Lorenz Engell (Weimar)