Nikolaus Wegmann

Fellow from April – September 2010
Nikolaus Wegmann, a germanist and literary historian with a strong interest in media culture, received his intellectual training at Bielefeld (PhD in 1984), Cornell University, and Köln (Habilitation 1998). He has taught German literature at Bielefeld and Köln, media studies at Potsdam, the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München, and at the Institut für Theater-, Film- und Fernsehwissenschaft Köln; he has also held positions as visiting professor at the University of Iowa and the University of Washington. Wegmann was a key figure in large scale research projects on the history of German language and literature studies (Bielefeld) and on the intersection of media and cultural communication, organized jointly by the universities of Köln, Bonn, and Aachen as »Sonderforschungsbereich Medien und kulturelle Kommunikation«. Nikolaus Wegmann is one of the founders of the Friedrich-Schlegel-Gesellschaft, Mainz. He is also affiliated to the international M.A.-program Maclands – Master of Cultural Landscapes sponsored by the European Union, a joint program of the universities of Stuttgart, Saint-Etienne and Naples. This year, he will be appointed an official member of an inter-university Kollegium cooperating within the framework of Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin.

Fields of research
Literary theory; media culture; the history of philology; particular interest in media-based cultural constellations; basic philological and cultural techniques such as rereading or searching and finding, especially in regard to their epistemological contribution to an understanding of such complex realities as »literature« or »library«.