Dr. Julien Knebusch

Senior Fellow from January - March 2012
Born 1975 in Munich, Germany, Julien Knebusch studied history, politics, literature, and cultural management in Strasbourg and Paris, France. He wrote his dissertation in French literature, "L'ouverture au(x) monde(s) dans la poésie française au début du XXè siècle", at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. Since 2005, Knebusch is a member of the research group "Poésie contemporaine" at Paris 3, where he also is responsible – together with Michel Collot –for the research project "Vers une géographie littéraire". In 2008, Knebusch worked as co-director at the "Semana de nanoconexiones", a conference and exhibition on art and nanotechnologies at the Menéndez Pelayo International University, Valencia. Furthermore, he served as project manager at Leonardo/OLATS, a cultural organization based in Paris, as guest editor of the Leonardo Journal (MIT Press), and is the founder and former administrator (2001 to 2008) of YASMIN, a Mediterranean-based cultural network.

Fields of research

Literature and Space: Literary geography in Germany and France