Conference Program

Wed, March 28, 2012

Former Palais Dürckheim, Cranachstraße 47

18–19.30 Keynote Georges Didi-Huberman: Le geste du silence et le souci de l’histoire.
(in French with written English translation)

followed by a Conference Opening Reception

Thu, March 29, 2012

IKKM Library Lounge, University Library, Steubenstraße 6/8

9.30–10.00 Welcome: André Wendler/Lorenz Engell
10–11 Michael Walker: What are film motifs and what do they tell us?


11.30–12.30 Simon Frisch: Perspectives of the cinematic motif in context with cinephile culture
12.30–13.30 Michel Chion: L’ascenseur au cinéma: mouvement et inertie (in French with written English translation)


15–16  Ulrike Kuch: Stairs. A Motive in Architecture and Film
16–17  Maeve Connolly: Public Monuments and Landmarks as Motifs in Cinema and Contemporary Art


17.30–18.30 Patrick Primavesi: Animal Moments

Conference Dinner at Restaurant Erbenhof

Fr., March 30, 2012

IKKM Library Lounge, University Library, Steubenstraße 6/8

9.30–10.30 Hannes Rickli: The invisible thread. Motifs in biology’s practical films
10.30–11.30 Katie Kohn: “Give me a body, Give me a brain”: motifs of the moving image and zombies!

Coffee & Snacks

12–13 Heike Klippel: Poisonous Tomatoes
13–14 Volker Pantenburg: What Becomes of Hands on Film?

The conference is open to the public. No registration and no fees are required.

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